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Report misleading or illegal ads

1 July 2018

There are rules around which therapeutic goods can and can't be advertised to the public but you should still be careful of claims that seem unrealistic.

No medicine is 100% effective. There are no miracle cures. Claims like these in ads are not allowed and should be reported. Watch the below video below to understand when you should make a complaint and what we will do about it.

For more information on what to look out for, see the '10 things to look out for in medicine ads' fact sheet. If you think you've seen an ad that breaks the rules, report it now at Advertising: Complaints.

Here's one for the viewers. Miracle cure is scientifically tested and 100% effective. It really is a...

Ads for medicines and medical devices that make misleading claims are illegal. Don't get sucked in, report it. You could save someone's life.

The TGA will investigate and can take action against illegal advertisers. To find out what to look for and how to report a misleading ad, visit