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Register as a small business with the TGA

We are asking all vendors to identify whether they should be considered as a small business in relation to their dealings with us.

This complies with 2009 Commonwealth Government policy changes to support small business.

The policy applies to written contracts for procurements between the TGA and a small business. These contracts must provide that, for payments valued up to and including AUD$5 million (GST inclusive), we will make payment to the small business not later than 30 days after the date of receipt of a correctly rendered invoice.

We may agree to make payments within a shorter period than 30 days.

In addition, for written contracts up to A$1 million (GST inclusive), we will pay interest on late payments following receipt of a correctly rendered invoice.


The Department of Finance has provided the following definition of a small business:

*small business: means an enterprise that employs less than the full time equivalent of 20 persons on the day that the written contract under which the payment is to be made is entered into ('full time equivalent' is as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics). If the enterprise forms part of a group, this test is applied to the group as a whole.

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