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TGA customer service charter

1 October 2010

National Manager's introduction

This charter details the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)'s commitment to maintain quality services for all of our stakeholders. It has been developed in consultation with staff and a range of other stakeholders. We at the TGA are committed to providing you with a responsive and quality service, and to improving that service. If you become aware of any shortfall in meeting the following standards I encourage you to let us know.

As the National Manager of the TGA, I commend this charter to you and look forward to your participation in the continuous improvement of our organisation.

Dr Rohan Hammett
TGA National Manager
October 2010

About us

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Its overall purpose is to protect public health and safety by regulating medicines, medical devices and human blood, blood products and tissues manufactured, imported, supplied in, and exported from Australia.

At the same time the TGA aims to ensure that the Australian community has access, within a reasonable timeframe, to therapeutic advances.

"Apply the world's best practice in the regulation of therapeutic products to benefit the community's health and well being."

We will develop and implement appropriate national regulatory controls for medicines, medical devices, human blood, human blood products and tissues.

In doing so we will:

  • Engender confidence in our stakeholders that our dealings will be professional, responsible, timely and transparent;
  • provide expert advice to Government;
  • provide risk-based national regulation and monitoring of compliance with standards for medicines, medical devices, human blood, human blood products and tissues;
  • represent and promote Australia's contribution and capabilities in the area of regulatory practice and controls for medicines, medical devices, human blood and human blood products and tissues in the international community;
  • work with governments, industry, health professionals and consumer representatives to ensure the delivery of high quality, cost-effective regulatory practice and controls designed to meet the needs of consumers; and
  • ensure that we perform our regulatory role sensitively, objectively, effectively and efficiently.

At the TGA:

We comply with the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct in all aspects of our business and value:

  • professionalism through integrity, diligence, objectivity, excellence, commitment and consistency;
  • accountability through open and transparent processes;
  • achievement through professionalism and effective, efficient and flexible work practices which are focussed on delivering timely outcomes; and
  • respect for each other and our stakeholders through open and effective communication and quality service.

Our service commitment

This customer service charter sets out our commitment to the standards of service you can expect in your dealings with us.

We will:

  • be helpful and treat you with courtesy;
  • acknowledge your letters and emails within 5 working days and ensure that our responses to you are timely, relevant and easy to understand;
  • where a full response cannot be provided within this time, we will advise you when a response can be expected and keep you informed on progress if the issue is complex;
  • provide a courteous, efficient telephone service and will respond to messages within two working days;
  • identify ourselves to you on the telephone and in our letters and emails we will include a name and contact details;
  • meet performance times and standards that have been agreed with consumer and industry bodies (these are set out in the TGA Group of Regulators Business Plan);
  • provide you with background and reasons for adverse decisions;
  • provide information and guidelines in plain language;
  • respect your right to privacy and confidentiality;
  • maintain our commitment to resolution of complaints in line with AS 4269-1995: Complaints handling; and
  • publish the results of our annual performance against this charter in our annual report and ensure that an external review of this charter is undertaken every three years.

Your role

You can assist us by providing information required under the therapeutic products legislation in a timely and accurate manner. This will assist us in our commitment to improving our service. You can also assist by providing complaints, compliments and suggestions about this charter or our service to:

Chief Operating Officer
Therapeutic Goods Administration
PO Box 100

or contact the Customer Feedback/Complaints Service:

  • Telephone: 1800 020 653
  • Email:
  • Users who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call through the National Relay Service:
    • TTY or computer with modem users phone 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 020 653
    • Speak and listen (speech to speech relay) users phone 1800 555 727 then ask for 1800 020 653


Information about the TGA is available on the TGA Internet site: <> or through the TGA information line: 1800 020 653.

Information on the services we provide is also available through:

These publications are available on the TGA Internet site or can be ordered by phoning the TGA information line. If you would like additional information on your rights and obligations under the therapeutic products legislation, please contact the TGA information line: 1800 020 653.

Telephone contacts

  • TGA Switchboard: 02 6232 8444
  • TGA information line: 1800 020 653
  • Fax: 02 6232 8605
  • TGA specific area information contacts are available via the TGA Website at: Contact the TGA


If we fail to meet our service commitment:

  • first try to resolve the problem with the person you are dealing with;
  • if you are still not satisfied, talk to that person's branch manager (contacts details can be made available by calling the TGA information line (1800 020 653));
  • if these approaches are not satisfactory or appropriate, please contact the TGA National Manager or the Customer Feedback / Complaints Service and your complaint will be responded to within 10 days of receipt.

If you are not satisfied with the National Manager's response, you may raise your concerns with the Commonwealth Ombudsman by:

  • phoning 1300 362 072
  • by visiting the Internet site: Commonwealth Ombudsman
  • by writing to the Ombudsman at GPO Box 442, Canberra ACT 2601, or
  • by sending a fax to 02 6276 0123

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