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Declarations of interests, managing conflicts of interests and confidentiality obligations, version 1.9, August 2016

7 September 2016

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Version history

Version Description of change Author Effective date
V1.0 Original Publication Committee Support Unit 8 August 2011
V1.1 Minor formatting changes Committee Support Unit 16 September 2011
V1.2 Minor content updates Committee Support Unit 15 August 2012
V1.3 Minor content updates Committee Support Unit 27 November 2012
V1.4 Minor formatting and accessibility changes Committee Support Unit 5 March 2013
V1.5 Departmental name change. "Department of Health and Ageing" now changed to "Department of Health" Committee Support Unit 9 October 2013
V1.6 Minor content updates and formatting changes for TGA style and accessibility Committee Support Unit October 2014

Version history updated

"Commercially confidential" updated

Table of Contents updated

Hyperlinks updated

Footers updated

Principal Legal Advisor, Regulatory Engagement, Education and Planning Branch March 2015

Minor accessibility changes

Removal of concluded working group (UDWG)

Committee Support Unit April 2015
V1.9 Deletion of reference to committees until new regulations are in force (January 2017) Committee Support Unit August 2016

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