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A review of the regulation of head lice preparations in Australia

15 July 2004

Concerns about the safety and efficacy of currently available head lice treatments, and the suitability of the current system of regulation of these treatments, including the suitability of labelling guidelines, are the subjects of this Review.

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A review of the regulation of head lice preparations in Australia (pdf,467kb)


  • Abbreviations used in the review
  • Acknowledgments
  • Summary
  • Recommendations
  1. Introduction
  2. Head lice
  3. Current regulation of head lice preparations
  4. Treatment of head lice infectation
  5. Formulation-dependence of efficacy
  6. Resistance to pediculocide treatments
  7. Labelling of pediculocide products
  8. Educational advice
  9. Stakeholders comments
  10. Regulatory responsibility
  11. References
  12. Attachments
    • Attachment 1: Summary of stakeholders comments
    • Attachment 2: Summary of clinical trials
    • Attachment 3: Current MEC guidelines on pediculocides
    • Attachment 4: Proposed guidelines
    • Attachment 5: TGA review of toxicity of malathion
    • Attachment 6: List of pediculocide products on ARTG as at July 2000
    • Attachment 7: Responses from State and Territory health authorities to head lice issues
    • Attachment 8: Label claims as at July 2000