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Market research: stage one - qualitative research report

Informing TGA education and communication activities

11 February 2014

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In March 2013, qualitative market research was conducted separately with consumers, health professionals and industry to inform the TGA about the best approach to communication and education for stakeholders.

This research incorporated two face to face sessions with consumers, and online discussion groups with each of the following:

  • consumers (18 participants)
  • potential suppliers - consumers who work within the health and fitness or beauty industries who wish to import and sell low risk products (7 participants)
  • health professionals - GPs, specialists and practice managers (9 participants)
  • other health professionals - pharmacists, nurses, midwives, dental practitioners, allied health practitioners and complementary healthcare practitioners (16 participants)
  • members of the regulated industry - sponsors, manufacturers, regulatory affairs consultants and industry association representatives (28 participants)

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