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Advertising regulatory framework - options for reform

29 May 2012

The TGA advises that the release of the report, 'Advertising Regulatory Framework - Options for Reform' is a recommendation of 'TGA reforms: A blueprint for TGA's future'.

In June 2010, a review of the advertising arrangements for therapeutic goods other than prescription medicines was initiated. The TGA conducted a public consultation on options for reform (Improving advertising arrangements for therapeutic goods), and the Parliamentary Secretary, the Hon Catherine King MP, subsequently chaired a meeting with interested parties on 24 November 2010. It was agreed that the TGA would undertake a further internal review of three principal issues - the pre-approvals process, complaints handling, and the range of penalties and sanctions available.

The Government response to these issues is incorporated in TGA reforms: A blueprint for TGA's future (the Blueprint) which was released in December 2011. As part of its response, the Government requested that this report be published on the TGA website.

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