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Public submissions: Evidence required to support indications for Listed medicines

13 July 2012

The TGA would like to thank the individuals and organisations who have submitted written comments or made submissions in response to the consultation on the document Evidence required to support indications for Listed medicines prior to the closing date of the consultation (25 May 2012). The TGA received 50 submissions as a result of this consultation.

As advised under the original consultation, all submissions will be published on the TGA web site, unless marked as confidential. Submissions that were not marked as confidential have been published below.

The TGA's obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 prevent it from disclosing personal information about individuals who have not consented to such disclosure. For that reason parts of submissions have been redacted (blacked out/omitted) where the redacted material would enable the identification of individuals other than persons who have lodged submissions to the review.

The names of submitters do appear, unless the submitter has requested their name/s to be withheld. For submissions made by individuals, all personal details other than their name have been removed from the submission before publication on the TGA's website.

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