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Proprietary Ingredients search

Search for proprietary ingredient names and their ID numbers in the Proprietary Ingredient Tables.

A proprietary ingredient is a formulation, such as a flavour or fragrance, made with a mixture of ingredients. Sometimes details of these formulations are not in the public domain.

Ingredient suppliers notify us of their proprietary ingredient formulations, which are entered in the TGA Proprietary Ingredient Tables. Each is given a unique ID number and purpose, e.g. colour, capsule shell. Applicants for new therapeutic goods can then select the unique ID or proprietary ingredient name in their therapeutic good formulation, rather than submit a full list of ingredients to the TGA.

For more information see Proprietary ingredient formulations and how they are used.

To access the search function click the button below to go to TGA Business Services, expand the ‘Public TGA Information’ menu and choose ‘Ingredients - Proprietary’.

Search the Proprietary Ingredients tables

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