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1-Day Acuvue TruEye contact lenses (pack size of 30's)

Medical device recall

28 October 2010
Level: Consumer
Class: II
Reference: RC-2010-RN-01075-3
Date agreed: 28 October 2010

1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye contact lenses (pack size of 30's)
Lot numbers 492405, 492439, 492441, 492443, 492445, 492452, 492453, 492460, 502111, 502167

Product Distribution: Australia wide
Product export status: New Zealand

ARTG number: 156423
Sponsor: Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Contact: 1800 002 832 Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Reason: Selected lots of contact lenses are being recalled as a precautionary measure as some of these lenses do not meet the company's internal manufacturing requirements
The sponsor dispatched recall letters to all affected optometrists on 28/10/2010. Recall advertisements will appear in national newspapers from 29/10/2010.

Classification system:

Class I defects are potentially life-threatening or could cause a serious risk to health.

Class II defects could cause illness or mistreatment, but are not Class I.

Class III defects may not pose a significant hazard to health, but withdrawal may be initiated for other reasons.

Class I & II recalls are considered to be safety related recalls.