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Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited manufactured products for immediate recall

28 April 2003

The Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia's national regulator for medicines and other therapeutic goods, has required Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited to immediately recall all batches and pack sizes of the products shown in the lists below.

This recall is being undertaken because of the cancellation of these goods from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for quality and safety reasons, subsequent to suspension of the licence held by Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited of Sydney to manufacture medicines. The licence has been suspended because of serious concerns about the quality and safety of products manufactured by this company. Where the quality of a medicine cannot be assured, neither can the safety or effectiveness of that medicine.

If you have any of the products in the following list you should stop using them and safely dispose of any unused portions by returning them to a pharmacy. Anyone who is concerned in any way about the use of these medicines or availability of alternative products should consult their healthcare professional.

* The AUST R or AUST L can be located on the font panel of the label, usually in a lower corner. It is a 5 digit number prefixed by the letters AUST R or AUST L. As many product names are similar, it is important that this number is checked.

Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited manufactured products for immediate recall (all batches of the products listed below)

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