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Other terminology

TGA approved terminology for therapeutic goods

30 March 2020

In addition to ingredient names, Australian approved terms have been created to describe the way therapeutic goods are presented.

These terms include:

The availability of these terms will depend on whether the goods are registered medicines, listed medicines, biologicals or devices.

To view the full list of approved terms, refer to the Code Tables on the TGA Business Services website. For more information on how to search the Code Tables, refer to Appendix 3.2.1.

If the term you want to use does not appear in the Code Tables, please contact TGA names by email:

Definitions of container types in the Code Tables

Container type definitions in the code tables are for guidance only. Although the examples may refer to specific materials, the names can be used for containers:

  • made from other materials
  • that are of varying sizes.

Formal definitions are not provided for container types which have a well-understood meaning.

To view the full list of approved terms to describe container types, with definitions, go to the TGA Business Services website.