New and updated information on ACE

1 July 2015

We have published new and updated information on the annual charge exemption (ACE) scheme.

  • Annual charge exemption scheme
    Access all forms, information and useful guidance from this page.
  • ACE interactive tool
    The ACE interactive tool provides assistance to help sponsors determine whether their product qualifies for an annual charge exemption.
  • ACE process map
    The ACE process map shows the decision-making tree related to qualifying and maintaining an annual charge exemption for an ARTG entry.
  • Payment dates for ACE entries that have generated turnover
    A new calculator to help sponsors determine the due date of their annual charges after they have notified the TGA that their ARTG entry has generated greater than $0 turnover.
  • Notification of turnover form
  • New form for notifying the TGA of when entries with an annual charge exemption generate greater than $0 turnover.