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Navigating the TGA website

4 February 2015

An overview of the TGA website - focusing on the Industry section and how you can navigate to guidance documents and where to go to submit applications online.

More videos are available to help you understand the work of the TGA.


This is the TGA website. It's divided into six broad categories to make it easier to find the information you need.

  • Safety information
  • Consumers
  • Health Professionals
  • Industry
  • About the TGA and
  • News room

The Industry area is the largest section of the site with over 1000 pages giving you access to more than 1400 unique documents. It is targeted at suppliers and manufacturers of therapeutic goods.

Regulation Basics is the section for general information about the regulation of therapeutic goods. You can find general information on legislation, advertising, labelling, packaging and other key aspects of regulations.

After basics we have series of options targeted to specific areas of the therapeutic goods industry.

Clicking into one of these categories lets you see an overview of each type of product and gives you quick access to the guidelines you need to follow in order to submit an application to the TGA.

Did you know:

Most applications to the TGA are submitted online!

You can use the eBusiness Services site submit applications - to access it just click the "Access eBusiness" link under "I want to" on the front page of the TGA site.