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Modified release paracetamol

An application to ACMS regarding proposed rescheduling from S2 to S3

7 September 2018

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  1. Note: Some of the data within this application is supplied by the NSW Poisons Information Centre (PIC). The PIC provides a call centre service to NSW, Tasmania and the ACT on a near full-time basis and a shared after-hours service to the remainder of Australia. This results in approximately half of Australia's poisons-related calls being received by NSW PIC. Case records in the NSW PIC database are from self-reported calls. They reflect only the information provided when the public or healthcare professionals report an actual or potential exposure to a substance. Exposures do not necessarily represent a case of poisoning or overdose. Cases are not routinely followed up and therefore outcome data is often not available. Not all exposures will be reported to a PIC and therefore the data does not represent total incidence of exposures to any substance. An unknown proportion of Australian poisonings do not lead to PIC calls; hospitals with specialist toxicology centres do not need to contact PICs; experienced general practitioners and hospital clinicians may not consult PICs, particularly for substances like paracetamol where there are national guidelines. Therefore, this data underestimates the full extent of poisoning in Australia.