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Medicine Shortages Information: Instructions for use

By default the prescription medicine shortages that are current are displayed. However, there are three other lists that can be viewed by clicking on the following headings:

By default each list is sorted by the date when the listing was last updated. The list can also be sorted by:

  • Active ingredient
  • Trade/brand name
  • Therapeutic class

Once you start typing in the search box the list is filtered to only show medicines where the active ingredient or trade name matches your search. The number of entries in each of the four lists (shown in brackets next to the headings) changes to reflect the number of matches in each.

You can select a medicine by clicking on its active ingredient; this opens a new web page with a detailed view on the medicine selected and also including other medicines with the same active ingredient whether they are anticipated, current, resolved, or have been discontinued.

Searches on active ingredient names and trade names will produce different results in many cases, because many active ingredients are marketed by different, or the same companies, under different trade names.

  • Active ingredient searches will usually give the most informative results for most medicines, especially if they are marketed under multiple trade or brand names.
  • Trade name searches are particularly useful for consumers as they are often more familiar with these medicine names. Medicine names are limited to the names in the Medicine Shortages Information Initiative.
  • The Medicine Shortages Information Initiative does not include medicines that were not on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods at the time of notification.