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Medicinal cannabis: News and updates

25 September 2020

This page features news and updates related to medicinal cannabis. For more general information and resources, see Medicinal cannabis.

News and updates

18 September 2020
Testing of medicinal cannabis products being supplied via SAS in Australia
The TGA has released a report summarising the recent laboratory testing of medicinal cannabis products.

9 September 2020
Notice of interim decisions on proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard - ACMS and Joint ACMS-ACCS meetings, June 2020
Interim decisions and invitation for further comment, including in relation to cannabidiol (private application) and cannabidiol (delegate initiated). Closing date: 13 October 2020.

23 June 2020
TGA to review complaints of alleged non-compliant advertising of medicinal cannabis products to the public
The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has commenced a review of complaints received alleging non-compliant advertising of medicinal cannabis products to the public.

24 April 2020
Consultation: Proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard - Joint ACMS/ACCS meetings, June 2020
This consultation is for a delegate initiated proposal to amend the scheduling for cannabidiol.

24 April 2020
Review on the safety of low dose cannabidiol
The aim of this review was to assess the current clinical literature to investigate the safety of low doses of CBD and what low dose ranges are used in research studies. It also sought to determine if the safety profile and characteristics of the low dose CBD lends itself to consideration for down scheduling.

31 August 2016
Scheduling delegate’s final decisions: Cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinols
The delegate's final decision and reasons relating to a scheduling proposal for cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinols.