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TGA intensifies warning about Travacalm Original travel sickness tablets

Media release

22 January 2003

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has today issued an urgent warning to the public not to take some batches of the anti-travel sickness preparation, Travacalm Original Tablets, after analysis by the TGA of tablets has shown that some contain an ingredient in doses much higher than should be there.

The TGA's Principal Medical Adviser, Dr John McEwen, said people could be seriously affected by unintentionally taking an overdose of this ingredient.

"We have only analysed a few tablets so far but have found significant discrepancies in the amount of an ingredient in relation to what is listed on the label.

"While the batches are already in the process of being voluntarily recalled by the company following a number of reports of excessive side effects in some consumers, this new information is of great concern and we want the public to be aware of the potential risk of taking these tablets," he said.

Dr McEwen said potential symptoms from consumption of the tablets include blurred vision, agitation and loss of balance.

"If you have taken the tablets today and feel unwell, please consult a doctor. If you have these tablets in your possession, do not take them and return them to the place of purchase."

Dr McEwen said the TGA was undertaking further investigations into the cause of the problem in cooperation with the company, Key Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd.

The three batches being recalled are:

  • Batch 77164 06/2005
  • Batch 78586 08/2005
  • Batch 79954 10/2005

Media contact: Dr McEwen will be available for interview

Contact: Kay McNiece, Media Liaison, TGA 0412 132 585

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