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New TGA Business Services site - launching next week

20 April 2015

Next week, the TGA will be launching the first of a series of upgrades to its existing eBusiness Services (eBS) site. The eBS site will not be available from 15:00 (AEST) on Friday 24 April 2015 so we can manage the switchover.

The new site will be launched on Tuesday 28 April 2015 and will be called TGA Business Services.

The first upgrade will allow eBS clients to access a user-friendly site that will allow them to:

  • access and manage their contact details and other information,
  • view and pay invoices, and
  • access the drafting and submitting functions used today

An overview of the site is available on the Welcome to the TGA Business Services site video.

The new site underwent extensive user testing with eBS users and we are confident the site is easy to navigate and an improvement on the current eBS.

What will happen next week

On the launch day, or the first time existing eBS users login they will be:

  • Automatically redirected to the new TGA Business Services site
  • Asked to change your password.

On 28 April we will be sending an email about how to change passwords, and information on all the new functions of the site. The same information will be published on the TGA website.

Information for Australian Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting System (ADRS) Users

Access to the Australian Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting System (ADRS) will be available from the TGA website and the current website address: <>.

There will be a change in how ADRS users login to the system as the current name based login will be replaced with a numeric login id.You will receive an email on 28 April with your new numeric login ID.

Information for eBS Master Account holders

If you are an eBS Master Account holder you will become an Administrator and will need to manage your organisation's TGA Business Services users and their system roles. Next week eBS Master Account holders will need to assign the new 'role' of a finance user to an individual or individuals in their organisation. Please be prepared do this task.

This allocation is necessary because the TGA Business Services site is based on assigning personalised 'roles' to each user. The roles include Drafter, Submitter, Financial or Administrator, or any combination of these. The current eBS site has Drafters, Submitters and Master account holders that will become administrators. The financial role is new. The other roles are automatically carried over to the new site.

Current eBS functions maintained

All current eBS functions will still be available and until we move on to the next upgrades you will still need to work in the old eBS system to draft and submit applications to the TGA. However, you will not need to login to eBS as the transition from old to new will happen automatically.

This work is being completed as part of our efforts to reduce regulatory burden and is in line with our TGA Business Plan 2014-2015 which outlines our major priorities including enhancing our business capability and improving business processes and systems for our clients.


For more information please contact the eBusiness Services team on or call 1800 010 624.