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Mayne Group recalls PAN products which it inadvertently resupplied to the public

Media release

8 July 2003

The Mayne Group Limited, sponsors of a range of complementary medicines, will place advertisements in newspapers in NSW, South Australia and Western Australia tomorrow to try to recover more than 350 over the counter products made by Pan Pharmaceuticals which the company accidentally resupplied to the public, the head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration recall section, Rita Maclachlan, said today.

"Last week Mayne advertised in the local Queensland newspaper a recall of a small quantity of product manufactured for them by Pan Pharmaceuticals which a wholesaler had inadvertently reissued into the marketplace," Ms Maclachlan said.

"The urgent recall action by Mayne Group Limited occurred after the company received reports that some of their previously recalled Pan manufactured products had been recently sold in Queensland to the general public.

"Mayne informed the TGA of the re-release of 24 product lines from their Acacia Ridge warehouse to retailers in Queensland. The company estimated that the amount of product supplied in Queensland was less than 300 units.

"Mayne ran a recall advertisement in the local Brisbane newspaper on 4 July. Advertisements in the other states where product is believed to be back on shelves will run tomorrow, 9 July 2003.

"Fortunately the amount of Mayne products re-released is small and the company has taken prompt action to advise consumers about the recall," Ms Maclachlan said.

The three sponsors owned by the Mayne Group Limited are Faulding's Healthcare, Bullivants and Queensland Biochemics.

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