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Database of TGA test results released

5 June 2017

The TGA tests approximately 2000 samples of therapeutic goods annually. The Database of TGA laboratory testing results has been released to provide information about therapeutic goods tested as part the TGA's testing program.

The TGA website has also been updated to provide more information about the TGA Laboratories and the laboratory testing program.

The updated information about TGA Laboratories, including links to the Database of TGA laboratory test results are available at:

About the Database of TGA laboratory testing results

The database provides the following information:

  • product name/description and ARTG number
  • sponsor name
  • reason for testing
  • overall testing result (pass/fail)
  • for products that failed any aspect of testing, the details of the test(s) which failed and the outcome of any follow-up action taken as a result are provided.
  • where relevant, links to information about related regulatory action, such as recalls and safety alerts, are provided.

The database currently includes information on testing completed in the period May-October 2016. There is a minimum delay of 6 months between the completion of testing and publication of results. This delay in publication is necessary to allow the TGA to undertake any investigations and follow-up action in response to non-complying test results.

The database will be updated with new results every 6 months. In November 2017 results will be released for testing completed during the period November 2016 to April 2017.