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Better public access to information on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)

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28 February 2011

Consumers, health professionals and industry now have better access to information about medicines and medical devices approved for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Information about these goods can be found on the ARTG, an electronic version of which can be accessed on the TGA's website. A change has been made to improve selection and searching of the ARTG by allowing direct selection of the optional views without the need to also press the 'GO' button. This means searching is streamlined to ensure the search is always against the selected view.

We have also standardised the views of products on the ARTG. The selections are now for 'Medicines' or 'Medical Devices'. The same information is provided as before.

In this enhancement two new search and selection functions have been added to the ARTG. The functions allow users to:

  1. Search the new products recently added to the ARTG; and
  2. Search for products by a nominated active ingredient.

Information on how to operate these search and selection functions is below:

To select a recently added medicine or medical device

  • This new capability for recent new additions gives a view of medicines and medical devices added to the ARTG in recent days.
  • You can select your search by reference to the number of days you are interested in: Past 2 days, Past 7 days, Past 14 days, Past 31 days.
  • Results from this search will display in the same manner as other ARTG search results.

Please note: products are rarely added to the ARTG on weekends; if searching on a Monday the 'Past 7 days' options is recommended.

To search for an Active Ingredient

  • You can search for Active Ingredients through the existing search function.
  • Select 'active ingredient' from the 'search type' drop-down menu, key in all or part of the name of the active ingredient into the 'term to search for' text box, and all Medicines or Medical Devices (where relevant) on the ARTG which contain this active ingredient will be displayed.

Significant dates

  • It should be noted that there are two dates in the Public Summary document – the ARTG 'Start Date' and the 'Effective Date'.
  • The ARTG start date is the date on which the product was added to the ARTG.
  • The Effective Date is the date on which the last change to the entry came into effect.