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Allegron 25MG subject to PAN Pharmaceutical recall

Media release

2 May 2003

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) today announced that a single batch of the antidepressant drug, ALLEGRON 25 mg, would also be subject to the PAN Pharmaceutical recall.

It has been found that an estimated 178 packs each of 50 tablets from a particular batch of Allegron 25 mg tablets have been distributed to pharmacists in parts of NSW and Queensland.

Some may possibly have been dispensed recently to patients. This batch of tablets was made by PAN Pharmaceuticals and needs to be recalled.

The batch number is 82440. The pharmacies have been supplied through the following four wholesalers:

  • Sigma Mt Gravatt (Queensland);
  • API Newcastle (NSW);
  • API Wollongong (NSW);
  • Clifford Hallam, Roselands (NSW)

The TGA had earlier this week been assured by the sponsor that distribution had not reached pharmacies or patients. Further TGA inquiries found that this assurance was based on incorrect information.

Patients in NSW and Queensland who have had a new prescription dispensed for Allegron 25 mg tablets since April 15 are requested to ask a pharmacist to check the batch and, if matching 82440, ask if an alternative batch can be supplied from stock.

If alternative stock is not available, they should ask a doctor to arrange for them to obtain a supply of Allegron 10 mg tablets and if necessary adjust the dose. Where possible, they should do this before taking their next dose.

Otherwise, they should do this within the next day. Until they have done this, and provided they have not had an adverse reaction to this batch, it would be reasonable for them to take their prescribed dose as missing doses can result in withdrawal reactions.

Allegron 10 mg tablets have not been made by Pan Pharmaceuticals and may be taken without concern.

This small number of packs of a single batch is the only Australian prescription medicine identified as made by Pan Pharmaceuticals and thus subject to the TGA consumer level recall.

Media Contact: John Noble 0413 890 241