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MMDR: Cross-cutting initiatives

14 November 2018

The Australian Government Response to the Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation supported adoption of a broad range of reforms aimed at improving transparency and engagement with sponsors.

The changes include developing a support function for small and medium sized enterprises and research institutions to support the growth of the medical technologies, biotechnologies, and pharmaceuticals sector.


Support for Small and Medium Enterprises

The SME Assist scheme provides targeted tools and content to support small and medium enterprises and R&D groups developing new medicines and medical devices to understand the key issues around the regulation of therapeutic goods in Australia.

Cost-recovery processes

Changes to some fees and charges required to support the reforms implemented throughout 2017-18.

Further information

Up-to-date information about the reforms and their status.

Information on the Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation, including links to the complete Review and the Australian Government's response.