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MMDR Consultations

12 October 2018

An important focus of the reform program is stakeholder consultation to inform how we put in place the reforms. It is important that we understand how the changes we make may impact stakeholders.

Stakeholders will have the opportunity to give feedback on how to best to implement the reforms. Public consultation papers will be released for different projects at different times. Typically, public consultations are open for a six week period. Targeted stakeholder consultations are also occurring to identify areas of business processes which could be streamlined or refined.

You can subscribe to the TGA consultations email list to be notified when consultation documents are released.

Consultations related to the reform program are listed below.

Prescription medicines regulatory reforms

Medical devices regulatory reforms

Complementary medicines regulatory reforms

Reforms to the advertising of medicines and medical devices

Monitoring and compliance of therapeutic goods

Streamlined regulation of patient-specific access to therapeutic products

Further reviews