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Health professionals

Do you use or prescribe therapeutic goods in a professional capacity?

The information in this section is for health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and complementary healthcare practitioners. It is not presented as medical advice to health professionals or consumers.

For more information about our role in therapeutic goods regulation, see the role of the TGA.

What you should report, how you can report it and what happens to your reports.

Learn how patients can access ‘unapproved’ products through authorised prescribers, the special access scheme, clinical trials and the personal import scheme.

Learn how the TGA regulates medicines and find medicine resources.

Learn how the TGA regulates medical devices and find medical devices resources.

Learn how the TGA regulates biologicals and find biologicals resources

Find the latest product recalls, alerts, safety updates, and medicine shortage notifications.

Find online learning modules, links to related websites and more.