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Full list of recalled products manufactured by Pan Pharmaceuticals

Last updated 23 December 2003

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia's national regulator for medicines and other therapeutic goods, in consultation with the sponsors and suppliers, has identified the products listed below for immediate recall.

The list is organised by the AUST L* or AUST R* number followed by the product name, sponsor or supplier name, batch numbers# and expiry dates#. Where only some batches of products are affected, the relevant batch and expiry date details are specified.

Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited manufacturing licence has been suspended for a period of 6 months, with effect from 28 April 2003, due to serious quality and safety breaches in the manufacture of therapeutic goods by that company since 1 May 2002.

The recall of these products is being undertaken because of serious concerns about the quality of products manufactured by Pan Pharmaceuticals since that date. Where the quality of a medicine cannot be assured, neither can the safety or effectiveness of that medicine.

If you have any of the products in the following list you should stop using them and safely dispose of any unused portions by returning them to a pharmacy where they can be disposed of through the National Medicines Disposal Program.

Anyone who is concerned in any way about the use of these medicines or availability of alternative products should consult their healthcare professional.

The TGA is continuing to investigate whether any other products on the Australian market have been manufactured by Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited. As further information becomes available or additional products are identified for recall, the TGA website and Consumer Helpline will be updated. Newspaper publication of information about additional products to be recalled will occur as soon as possible in addition to ongoing updating of the TGA website.

Please note that some product sponsors may have published lists of products to be recalled or which are to be excluded from the recall but it should be noted that the TGA can take no responsibility for the reliability of such lists.

* The AUST L or AUST R can be located on the front panel of the label, usually in a lower corner. It is a 5 digit number prefixed by the letters AUST R or AUST L. As many product names are similar, it is important that this number is checked.

# Batch and expiry details are often located on the back panel of the label on bottles or end flaps on boxes. These can be a combination of letters and/or numbers, but are prefixed with letters or a symbol which indicate that the number is the batch number (for example, 'Batch No.', 'B', 'Lot Number', 'Lot No.'). Expiry dates are the month and year after which the goods should not be used, and have a prefix which indicates that the following information is the expiry date (for example, 'Expiry', 'Expires', 'Exp. Date', 'Use before').

You should check the Aust R/L number and the batch number to see if your product is subject to the recall.

Full list of recalled products manufactured by Pan Pharmaceuticals

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