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Section 14/14A application form relating to subsection 9(2) of TGO 92

Application for consent to supply goods that do not conform with subsection 9(2) of TGO No. 92 - Standard for labels of non-prescription medicines - section 14/14A

31 October 2019

Due to the unprecedented pressures the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the pharmaceutical industry, sponsors are eligible to request consent not to comply with TGO 92 labelling requirements for a limited time.

Please refer to Consent to supply therapeutic goods that do not comply with subsection 9(2) of Therapeutic Goods Order No. 92 - Standard for labels of non-prescription medicine - requirements for presentation of the medicine name for guidance.

This form when completed, will be classed as 'For official use only'. For guidance on how your information will be treated by the TGA see Treatment of information provided to the TGA.

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