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Enhanced school-based surveillance of acute adverse events following immunisation with human papillomavirus vaccine in males and females, 2013

Version 1.0, May 2015

13 May 2015

In collaboration with the state and territory health departments, the TGA implemented rapid surveillance and weekly feedback to the Jurisdictional Immunisation Coordinators and Immunisation Branch of the Office of Health Protection for the following four significant acute adverse events following immunisation (AEFIs) of special interest:

  • anaphylaxis
  • generalised allergic reaction
  • loss of consciousness of any duration (syncope or seizure)
  • any condition that required an emergency department presentation or hospitalisation.

This report describes all AEFIs reported to the TGA for quadrivalent HPV vaccine in 2013, including reports made through the enhanced surveillance arrangements, which focused on the four AEFIs of special interest above.

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