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28 September 2021
On 27 September 2021 the TGA granted provisional determination to Roche Products Pty Ltd in relation to the COVID-19 treatment tocilizumab (ACTEMRA).
28 September 2021
The TGA has issued seven infringement notices totalling $18,648 to the individual responsible for the Invigorate Labs website, for alleged breaches that relate to the advertising of products containing cannabidiol (CBD).
27 September 2021
Australian Public Assessment Report for Fostemsavir trometamol
24 September 2021
Submissions published and summarised as part of a consultation on clarifying the regulation of 'residual activity' claims for disinfectants.
29 September 2021
A new Data Protection Scheme is now available for assessed listed medicine applications.
22 September 2021

Reclassification of medical devices in direct contact with the heart, central circulatory and central nervous systems: Guidance on the transitional arrangements and obligations

24 September 2021
Australian prescription medicine decision summary
22 September 2021
The TGA has issued two infringement notices totalling $26,640 to Tianda Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd for alleged unlawful advertising of a listed medicine in relation to COVID-19.
22 September 2021
This labelling exemption is granted under section 1.5.5 of Part 2 of the current Poisons Standard.
21 September 2021
The TGA's compliance and enforcement plan sets out our intelligence-informed, risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement activity.


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