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Consultation forecast

22 March 2021

This forecast is updated regularly and outlines anticipated TGA public consultations.

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Upcoming public consultations
Consultation Timeframe for release of consultation document
Building a more robust medicine supply - Proposals to help prevent, mitigate and manage medicine shortages March-April 2021

Updates to the human tissue specific standards Therapeutic Goods Orders (TGO)
83, 84, 85, 86, the biologicals labelling standard TGO 87 and the infectious disease minimisation standard TGO 88

April 2021
Methyl salicylate: proposed advisory statements for medicines (RASML) TBA
Menthol: proposed advisory statements for medicines (RASML) TBA
Lidocaine: proposed advisory statements for medicines (RASML) TBA
Proposed changes to medical device conformity assessment procedures TBA
Proposed changes to requirements for medical devices used in clinical trials TBA

Open consultations and reviews