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A reminder about the safe and correct use of condoms

6 August 2018

A batch of Durex Real Feel condoms was recently recalled internationally because of their tendency to burst before their expiry date. This has prompted a reminder about the safe use of condoms, including making sure you're aware of the expiry date.

Condoms are important because they help protect against sexually transmissible infections.

Sexually transmissible infections are on the rise in Australia. The correct use of a condom helps prevent the transmission of disease, some of which are serious, such as HIV.

As a product ages, it has a higher potential to fail, so it is important to always check the use-by date before using a condom and make sure you know how to use a condom correctly. Taking the right precautions will help manage the spread of disease and reduce the likelihood of unwanted consequences, such as pregnancy.

Durex Real Feel condoms from batch 1000432443 (expiry January 2021) should not be used. No other condoms are affected by this issue.

Learn more about this recall on our website: Durex Real Feel condoms, 6 pack