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Compositional guideline: Steviol glycosides

17 November 2011

Name of the ingredient

Steviol glycoside (AAN)

Cas No.: 471-80-7

Definition of the ingredient

The ingredient is obtained from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. The leaves are extracted with hot water and the aqueous extract is passed through an adsorption resin to trap and concentrate the component steviol glycosides. The resin is washed with a solvent alcohol to release the glycosides and product is re-crystallized from methanol or aqueous ethanol. Ion exchange resins may be used in the purification process. The final product may be spray-dried.

Ingredient specific requirements

Except for the incidental constituents given below, requirements are the same as in the specification monograph of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) for Steviol glycosides prepared at the 69th JECFA (2008), published in FAO JECFA Monographs 5 (2008)*.

Table 1. Ingredient specific requirements
Test Method reference Acceptance criteria

Please refer to the FAO/WHO JECFA Monograph 5 (2008)*


Note: *Online Edition: "Combined Compendium of Food Additive Specifications" (pdf,111kb)

Table 2. Incidental constituents
Test Method reference Acceptance criteria
Incidental metals and non-metals
Total heavy metals BP (Appendix VII); Ph Eur method 2.4.8 ≤ 20 ppm
Pesticide residues and environmental contaminants: (including agricultural and veterinary substances) BP (Appendix XI L); Ph Eur method 2.8.13 Complies

Key to abbreviations:

BP = British Pharmacopoeia

Ph Eur = European Pharmacopoeia