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CMEC Meeting 36, 26 July 2002

Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee

26 June 2002

Extracted ratified minutes

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CMEC Meeting 36 extracted ratified minutes (pdf,115kb)

Public recommendation summary

This summary has been posted immediately after the CMEC meeting to give quick advice of the recommendations made by CMEC to the TGA. This summary does not represent the decisions of TGA. Reasons underlying these recommendations will be available after Members ratify the Minutes at the next CMEC meeting.

Item 2 Minutes of CMEC's 35th meeting

Recommendation 36.1

CMEC confirms that the draft Minutes of its previous meeting (CMEC 35, 14 June 2002), as amended, are a true and accurate record of that previous meeting.

Item 5.2 Caffeine labelling - progress report

Recommendation 36.2

CMEC rescinded Recommendation 34.4 and made the following recommendation:

CMEC recommends to the TGA that labels on products containing those herbs known to contain caffeine be required to declare that the goods contain, or may contain caffeine, unless the sponsor can demonstrate that such products do not contain caffeine.

Homoeopathic medicines more dilute than 1X are exempt from this requirement.

Item 6.1 Boron

Recommendation 36.3

CMEC recommends to the TGA that boron compounds (i.e. boric acid, borax, sodium perborate and sodium tetraborate pentahydrate [sodium borate pentahydrate]) are suitable for use as ingredients in listable therapeutic goods, with maximum listable amounts limited to those below amounts included on the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons (SUSDP).

Item 6.2 Molybdenum trioxide

Recommendation 36.4

CMEC recommends to the TGA that molybdenum trioxide is suitable for use as an active ingredient in listable therapeutic goods, with a limit on the maximum daily dose for molybdenum of 125 microgram/day.

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