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Changes to the Medicine Shortage Reporting system

2 June 2021

We are continuing to improve our IT system used for reporting medicine shortages and how this information is displayed on the TGA website.

These changes address some of the issues experienced by sponsors when they notify us of shortages, as well as minor improvements to the Medicine Shortage Reports Database, previously known as the Medicine Shortages Information Initiative. We have made key information on the Database easier to find and understand, including changes to how impact ratings are described.

The improvements to the sponsors’ portal include better use of standard terminology about the reasons for a shortage, as well as tighter validation rules to improve the accuracy and completeness of information about medicine shortages provided to the TGA by sponsors. These changes to improve accuracy and timeliness of information on the Medicine Shortage Reports Database assist health professionals and consumers manage patient care during a shortage.

To help sponsors understand these changes, we are also updating guidance on Reporting medicine shortages and discontinuations in Australia and publishing a step-by-step User guide.

If you have any questions on the implemented changes please contact