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Market research: stage two - quantitative research report

Informing TGA education and communication activities

11 February 2014

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Research results: Perceptions of Australia's regulatory system

Each of the stakeholder groups were asked questions to measure their perceptions of the TGA, including levels of trust and perceived transparency. Results are provided in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Perceptions of the TGA across stakeholder groups*

Figure 1: Perceptions of the TGA across stakeholder groups

In addition to these questions, consumers and health professionals were asked whether all therapeutic goods should be completed checked and assessed to be risk free. Eighty one percent of consumers and 86 per cent of health professionals agreed with this statement, suggesting these groups have unrealistic expectations of what we can achieve. The qualitative research conducted previously indicated that on being given more information, consumers develop more realistic expectations.

Particularly with consumers, the difference between their high expectations and their lower levels of trust and knowledge provides an indication that we must provide them with appropriate information in order for them to understand and have confidence in us. Addressing this need has been integral to the development of new educational materials.

*Figure 1 data: Perceptions of the TGA across stakeholder groups

Statement Consumers Health professional Industry
I trust the TGA would perform its role ethically and with integrity 63 90 88
Australia get the balance right between the risks associated with therapeutic goods and their benefits 48 72 58
I get all the information I need on the regulation of therapeutic goods and their safety 35 71 69

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