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Market research: stage two - quantitative research report

Informing TGA education and communication activities

11 February 2014

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Research results: Knowledge of TGA and understanding of its role

Industry participants had a high level of knowledge of the TGA and understanding of our role. However, there were comparatively low levels of understanding among both consumers and health professionals.

While 65 per cent of consumer participants said they were aware of the TGA, only 17 per cent rated their knowledge of the TGA as 'good' or 'very good'. This result was consistent across age groups, gender and geographical locations.

The vast majority of health professionals had heard of the TGA (94 per cent); however, only 27 per cent claimed their overall knowledge of the TGA was good or excellent, and allied and complementary health professionals were more likely to indicate their overall knowledge was poor or very poor. To address this knowledge gap, we have already developed an education program targeting health professionals that includes direct face to face contact through conferences and the provision of written resources for both fully qualified practitioners and students.

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