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TGA external communication and education framework

Priorities and projects 2013-2015

21 December 2012

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How the framework aligns with the TGA Business Plan and TGA Strategic Statement

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As part of the Department of Health and Ageing, the TGA safeguards and enhances the health of the Australian community through the effective and timely administration of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. By working with our stakeholders, we will enhance our processes to ensure that the regulatory framework within which we operate is able to adapt to new scientific developments and emerging community expectations. arrow left

(Business Plan)

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Refining our regulation Engaging with our stakeholders Managing key relationships Enhancing our business capability Delivering through our people arrow left

Key strategies
(Strategic Statement)

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Maintain an effective regulatory framework

Redevelop key guidance documents

Develop and enhance relationships with stakeholders

Enhance international regulatory cooperation

Promote and enhance relationships with other parts of DoHA

Proactive monitoring and management of emerging issues

Implement cohesive policies, management and processes

Maintain a robust risk management approach and sound financial performance

Maintain a capable workforce

Implement policies and procedures that promote and support APS and departmental practices

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Organisational objectives
(Strategic Statement)

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Provide better information about regulatory processes and decisions

Improve understanding of the role and responsibilities of the TGA; develop consultation principles

Reinforce linkages within DoHA on common issues and take a coordinated approach to issues and media management

Increase transparency and provide clear information on TGA business processes and reforms

Promote the TGA as an attractive place to work for medical, scientific, legal and administrative staff

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Communication objectives

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Publish information regarding our regulatory decisions, processes and outcomes, including guidelines that are relevant, up to date and user friendly

Encourage industry to provide further input on regulatory reform consultations

Target and enhance consultation activities

Increase and target face-to-face activities

Enhance international regulatory cooperation and harmonisation

Make more, and better quality, information available

Actively participate in the overall health reform agenda

Ensure that regulatory information is shared via all related TGA and DoHA Internet sites

Ensure all TGA communication and education activities comply with departmental strategies and policies

Further improve all TGA Internet sites and communication channels

Provide new tools and visual media for communicating about the TGA and its business activities

Develop new processes to obtain stakeholder engagement feedback and benchmarks

Further develop networks within the medical and scientific sectors

Maintain the communication skills and outlook of TGA staff

Enhance staff understanding of the TGA’s function within the broader Australian Government context

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