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Scheduling delegate's final decisions: ACCS, December 2014

Scheduling medicines and poisons

16 December 2014

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Final decisions on matters referred to an expert advisory committee

1. Scheduling proposals referred to the July 2014 meeting of the Advisory Committee on Chemicals Scheduling (ACCS#11)

Summary of final decisions

Substance Final Decision
1-propanaminium compounds

1-propanaminium, N,N,N-trimethyl-3-(octadecyloxy)-, chloride (1:1) is covered by the existing Schedule 5 and 6 entries for QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS.

1-propanaminium, 3-amino-N-(carboxymethyl)-N,N-dimethyl-, N-(C8-18 and C18-unsaturated acyl) derivatives, inner salts to be be referred back to the ACCS for further advice.

2,4,7-decatrienoic acid, ethyl ester Not to schedule
2-butenedioc acid (2E)-, di-C12-15-alkyl esters Not to schedule
2-hydroxypropyl methacrylate

New Schedule 5 entry:

2-HYDROXYPROPYL METHACRYLATE in nail preparations except when labelled 'avoid contact with skin'.

Implementation date – 1 January 2016.

2-pentyl cyclopentanol Not to schedule
2-propyl heptanenitrile Not to schedule
3-hexanone, 2-methyl, oxime Not to schedule
3-isothiazolone 2-methyl- To refer to a joint meeting of the ACCS and ACMS

New Schedule 7 entry:


Implementation date - 1 February 2015.

Diethylene glycol monomethyl ether

New Schedule 6 entry:


New Appendix C entry:


Implementation date – 1 June 2015

Linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (C10-C16) Not to schedule

New Schedule 5 entry:

METOFLUTHRIN in impregnated fabric mosquito repellent preparations for use in a vaporizer containing 15 mg or less of metofluthrin per disk.

Amend current Schedule 6 entry:

METOFLUTHRIN except when included in Schedule 5.

Implementation date – 1 February 2015

N-hydroxy-octanamide Not to schedule
N-methyl-2-Pyrrolidone Current Schedule 5 and 6 entries remain appropriate.
Nickel, soluble salts Not to expand the current Schedule 6 entry for nickel sulfate to include other soluble salts.
Phenol 2-amino Not to schedule
Phenylenediamines Pending
Rosin Pending
Tetrahydro-4-methyl-2-phenyl 2H-pyran Not to schedule
Toluenediamines Pending

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