AHMAC - Scheduling policy framework for medicines and chemicals

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12 February 2015

Chapter 6: Guidelines for use of confidential information

Guidelines for use of confidential information - General

Currently the following information is considered to be commercial-in-confidence for scheduling purposes and it is proposed that such information not be publicly disclosed:

  • Sales data
  • Product formulation details
  • Manufacturing method
  • Sponsor name and
  • Product name.

Should any applicant be of the view that any information contained in their scheduling application should be considered to be commercial-in-confidence, this position will need to be justified with reference to intellectual property rights and freedom of information legislation.

The publication of such information will be made in accord with current guidelines on confidentiality and privacy including any de-identification if required.

These guidelines may be revised in light of the Government's initiatives to increase openness and transparency and the availability of information for consumers.

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