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Market research: stage one - qualitative research report

Informing TGA education and communication activities

11 February 2014

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Approach to developing educational materials

In response to the information received through this research - in particular the knowledge that on receiving good information participants moved from a neutral or negative impression of the TGA to one that recognised the complex work we undertake - five overarching categories of messages have been identified as necessary for future communication and educational materials.

At the broadest level, the TGA needs to:

  1. establish credibility and the boundaries within which it operates
  2. engage audiences to build on their understanding of the regulatory system and encourage them to participate in the system wherever possible

The following table outlines the five message categories, the action the TGA needs to take in response to each of those categories, and the associated key messages.

Figure 3: Message categories, actions and key messages

Figure showing message categories, actions and key messages

Figure 3 data: Message categories, actions and key messages

Message categories Actions Key messages
Who is TGA Build awareness How TGA works, resourcing and who is the TGA team
Role Explain what motivates Clear definition of TGA's role, goals and history
Complexity Build understanding of complexity What is the scale of the TGA's role, the concept of benefit versus risk
Credibility Develop trust What are the credentials of the TGA team
Partnerships Build partnerships How all stakeholders are involved in the regulatory system

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