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TGA consumer survey 2018

20 December 2018

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Website - Resource use

Downloadable fact sheets and the Search function are the most commonly identified resources or tools used on the TGA website (Table 45 and Figure 26). Interactive tools and videos are less commonly used. As highlighted previously, those in the Opt-in sample are almost five times as likely to have accessed the site compared to those in the population (Panel) based sample. This (Opt-in sample) group of website users shows higher propensity to use the search function (59%; Panel: 38%), possibly indicating a more focussed, specific set of reasons for visiting the site when compared to the population based sample. More than half of both the population based sample (54%) and Opt-in samples (54%) indicated access to more general information sources such as downloadable facts sheets. The population based sample also appears to access videos (31%; Opt-in: 6%) and interactive tools (38%; Opt-in: 19%) more commonly when they visit the site.

Table 45: Website - tools used

Which of the following tools on the TGA website have you used?
Function N %
Interactive tools such as decision trees 101 23.3
Downloadable fact sheets 236 54.5
Videos 53 12.2
Search function 234 54.0
Total selections 624
Total responding 433

Base: Accessed or used the TGA website

Figure 26: Website - tools used (N)
Column chart of Table 45 'N' data

Website resources - Usefulness

Ratings of usefulness of resources and tools on the website highlight that more than nine in ten users of each resource type found them either Somewhat or Very useful (Table 46). Videos are particularly positively viewed by those who have used them, with 96% reporting they are either somewhat (56%) or very (40%) useful.

Table 46: Website - usefulness of tools (%)

How useful did you find:
Function Not at all useful Somewhat useful Very useful N
Interactive tools and decision trees 6.0 66.0 28.0 100
Fact sheets 5.6 54.7 39.7 232
Videos 3.8 55.8 40.4 52
Search function 8.3 65.1 26.6 229

Base: Used tools on the website

Rating the website - Satisfaction

Satisfaction ratings across a range of measures amongst users of the TGA website show Nett satisfaction with the features of the site of between 48% and 56% (Table 47). The highest satisfaction rating (56%) and lowest level of dissatisfaction (9%) is observed in relation to the language used. Just over half of users of the site also highlight satisfaction with the length of content (52% Nett satisfied; 9% Nett dissatisfied). Ease of navigation (48% Nett satisfied; 18% Nett dissatisfied) and look and feel of the site (49% Nett satisfied; 14% Nett dissatisfied) were rated least favourably and represent key areas of opportunity for focussed improvement to the site. Fifty four percent (54%) of users express overall satisfaction with the site, with 12% expressing some level of dissatisfaction.

Table 47: Website - Satisfaction (%)

Please indicate how satisfied you are with the following on the TGA's website:
Feature Nett Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither Satisfied Very Satisfied Nett Satisfied N
Language used 9.3 3.1 6.2 34.5 46.4 9.8 56.2 420
Length of content 9.3 3.3 6.0 38.3 45.2 7.1 52.4 420
Ease of navigation 17.9 5.7 12.1 34.5 40.7 6.9 47.6 420
Look and feel 14.0 4.0 10.0 37.1 42.9 6.0 48.8 420
Overall satisfaction 12.4 3.8 8.6 33.8 47.1 6.7 53.8 420

Base: Accessed or used the TGA website

Across the range of satisfaction measures there is a large discrepancy between satisfaction amongst the general (Panel) population sample and the Opt-in sample (Figure 27 and Table 48). Participants from the general population show strong levels of satisfaction across the range of measures, most notably 84% Nett Overall satisfaction and 73%-75% Nett satisfaction across all other measures. In contrast, Nett satisfaction amongst the Opt-in sample is at 50% or below across all measures, with particularly low satisfaction observed for Ease of navigation (39%) and Look and feel (40%) of the site. This may, in part, reflect the different focus of uses for the site across the sample groups, with the population sourced group likely to be using the site for more general informational and facts compared to the more specific, focussed and detailed needs of those with a specifically focussed interest or issue requiring resolution.

Figure 27: Website - Satisfaction by sample source - Nett satisfaction (%)
Line chart of Table 48 data

Table 48: Website satisfaction by sample source - Nett satisfaction (%)

Please indicate how satisfied you are with the following on the TGA's website: (Nett satisfaction %)
Sample Language used Length of content Ease of navigation Look and feel Overall satisfaction
Opt-in 50.0 45.3 39.2 40.2 44.0
Panel 75.0 74.0 73.1 75.0 83.7

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