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TGA stakeholder survey 2017

26 April 2018

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TGA business services website

TGA Business services website - Use

Eighty two percent (82%) of the responding sample highlight that they use the TGA business services website (Table 45 and Figure 70). Around one in four are regular users of the site, accessing it either About once a week (7%) or More than once a week (18%) and one third (33%) used the site Less than once a month. The usage levels identified in the survey are highly consistent with those identified in the 2016 survey.

Table 45: TGA Business services website - Frequency of use (%)

How often do you visit the TGA Business Services website?
Year 2017 2016
Never 17 19
Less than once a month 33 32
About once a month 14 12
Two or three times a month 9 10
About once a week 7 6
More than once a week 18 19
Not sure 3 2
N 2153 2391

Figure 70: TGA Business services portal - Frequency of use

Pie chart of Table 45 data


Use of the site varies markedly across stakeholder categories (Table 46), with those identifying in the Medical products industry and Government categories most likely to highlight using the Business services website Monthly or more often. Medical products industry stakeholders are also associated with the highest user rates, with only 13% of this group Never using the site. Health professionals, Retailers, Community members and Academics tend to show lower frequency of use and in most cases higher levels numbers of those who Never access the site.

Table 46: TGA Business services website - Frequency of use by Industry, Community and Health professional categories (%)

How often do you use the TGA Business services website?
Category Never Monthly or more often
Stakeholder category
Health professional 32 25
Community 31 23
Medical products industry 13 55
Retailer 21 28
Government 21 45
Academic 26 26
Media 50 50
Other 19 44
Medical products industry
Product sponsor 5 66
Product manufacturer 11 44
Regulatory affairs consultant 3 84
Industry association representative 0 71
Other 9 50
Health professional
Complementary healthcare practitioner 25 29
Dental practitioner 25 0
Medical practitioner 63 11
Nurse 35 18
Pharmacist 28 31
Other 20 31

Stakeholder cat: Health pro: N=219; Community: N=13; Med prod ind: N=1336; Retailer: N=99; Gov: N=56; Academic: N=66; Media: N=2; Other: N=341. Med prod ind: Sponsor: N=762; Manufacturer: N=396; Reg Affairs Con: N=115; Ind Assoc Rep: N=14; Other: N=43. Health pro: Comp health: N=24; Dental: N=8; Med pro: N=46; Nurse: N=17; Pharmacist: N=29; Other: N=90.

Within the Medical products industry, Regulatory affairs consultants (85% Accessing monthly or more often), Industry association reps (71%) and Product sponsors (66%) show high levels of access. In each of these sub-categories 5% or less highlight that they Never access the Business services site. Product manufacturers show generally lower overall use, with one in ten (11%) indicating they Never use the site and less than half (44%) using it monthly or more often.

Frequency of use, in particular in the most frequent use categories of once a week or more, is strongly associated with the number of employees of companies in the Medical products industry (Figure 71). Frequent levels of use are lowest in smaller companies and rise steadily to their highest levels amongst companies with 200-599 (56%), 600-699 62%) and 1000-1499 (63%) employees.

Figure 71: TGA business services website - Frequent use (Weekly or more) by employee numbers (Medical products industry - %)

see Figure 71 in tabular format
Employee number Frequent use (weekly or more)
1-19 11
20-99 36
100-199 47
200-599 56
600-999 62
1000-1499 63
1500+ 52

The small numbers of Nurses, Medical and dental practitioners in the survey showed low or no usage of the Business services site. Pharmacists, Complementary health practitioners and Other health professionals reported higher usage at around one third of respondents (Table 46). In addition, substantial proportions of respondents in these groups report Never using the site, including around two thirds of medical practitioners, one third of Nurses and one in four Dentists, Pharmacists and Complementary healthcare practitioners.

Reasons for visiting the Business services site most commonly relate to Lodgement of applications or Checking the progress of applications as well as Varying or modifying an application (Figure 72). Other administrative processes including Paying bills or fees, Registering and Seeking information about fees and charges are also commonly identified as reasons for visiting the site.

Figure 72: TGA business services website - Reasons for visiting (N)

see Figure 72 in tabular format'
Reason for visiting N
Lodge an application(s) 1285
Check the progress of an application 1168
Fees and charges information 907
Vary or modify an application 873
Register with the TGA 741
Pay a bill or fee 680
Provide feedback 101
Other 150

Other reasons for accessing the business services website identified in free text responses include:

  • Access data bases.
  • Adverse event reporting.
  • ARTG cancellations, updates, certificates and information.
  • Update information - e.g. contact info; company information; registrations.
  • Audits - information and updates.
  • GMDN code checks.
  • Checking or identifying ingredients.
  • Clinical trial notifications.
  • Complete a draft or dummy application.
  • General information.
  • Password resets.
  • Establish access for team/staff.
  • View record summary documents.

TGA Business services website - Satisfaction

Satisfaction with the Business services website is generally strong, with 66% highlighting that they are either Satisfied or Very satisfied and just over one in ten (11%) showing dissatisfaction (Figure 73). This outcome is almost identical to that observed in 2016, when 65% highlighted satisfaction and 11% said they were dissatisfied with their experience.

Figure 73: TGA business services website - Satisfaction (%)

Nett Dissatisfied: 11; Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: 23; Nett Satisfied: 66


Satisfaction is highest amongst those in the Medical products industry (69%), Retailers (71%) and the small numbers of Community respondents (88%). Lower levels of satisfaction and slightly higher levels of dissatisfaction are identified amongst Health professionals (55%), Government (45%) and Academic (51%) users (Table 47). This finding is generally consistent with the previous results and is likely to reflect the diverse information needs of these groups. Strategies to provide guidance and support for users accessing the site that have needs or circumstances that fall outside the norm may assist these users.

Within the Medical products industry, satisfaction is generally strong, with both high levels of satisfaction and very low levels of dissatisfaction across Product sponsor (74% Nett satisfaction; 5% Nett dissatisfaction), Product manufacturer (74% and 5%) and Regulatory affairs consultant groups (76% and 5%; Table 47). The exception here is the Industry association group, where Nett satisfaction is at 43% and Nett dissatisfaction is at 14% amongst the 12 survey participants.

Within the health professional grouping, satisfaction with the site is highest amongst Nurses (64%), Pharmacists (65%) and Other (61%) groups (Table 47). Medical practitioners (31%), Dental practitioners (40%) and Complementary healthcare practitioners (47%) showed low levels of nett satisfaction (although the sample sizes across these groups are small).

Table 47: TGA business services website - Overall satisfaction by stakeholder category, Industry and Health professionals (%)

Category Nett Dissatisfied Neither Nett Satisfied
Stakeholder category
Health professional 13 32 55
Community 13 0 88
Medical prod industry 9 21 69
Retailer 13 17 71
Government 23 32 45
Academic 22 27 51
Media 0 0 100
Other 10 27 63
Medical products industry
Product sponsor 5 21 74
Product manufacturer 5 21 74
Reg affairs consultant 5 19 76
Industry association rep 14 43 43
Other 5 28 68
Health professionals
Compl healthcare prac 18 35 47
Dental practitioner 0 60 40
Medical practitioner 13 56 31
Nurse 18 18 64
Pharmacist 10 25 65
Other 13 26 61

Stakeholder cat: Health pro: N=141; Community: N=8; Med prod ind: N=1125; Retailer: N=72; Gov: N=44; Academic: N=49; Media: N=1; Other: N=259. Med prod ind: Sponsor: N=681; Manufacturer: N=294; Reg Affairs Con: N=106; Ind Assoc Rep: N=12; Other: N=28. Health pro: Comp health: N=17; Dental: N=5; Med pro: N=16; Nurse: N=11; Pharmacist: N=20; Other: N=69.

For the business services site, the impact of familiarity with the site upon Nett satisfaction appears even stronger than is observed in relation to the information website (Figure 74). Amongst those who use the site least often, Nett satisfaction is observed at 55%, rising to 77% amongst the most regular users.

Figure 74: TGA business services website - Satisfaction by frequency of use (%)

see Figure 74 in tabular format


Fequency of use Nett dissatisfied Nett satisfied
About once a month 11 55
Two or three times a month 12 69
About once a week 13 71
More than once a week 7 77

An opportunity to provide comments and feedback on the Business services website elicited a range of comments. Consistent with the previous survey, these focussed upon the functionality, structure, navigation, operation and content of the site. Where there is dissatisfaction, themes also often identified frustrations with the frequency of password resets, issues with user friendliness and a lack of intuitive function, common outages and operational issues (or 'bugs').

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