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Listed and assessed listed medicines: Application and submission user guide

24 July 2019

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Pressing the 'Proceed to submission' button after validation, will take you to the submissions window:

Screenshot of the submission fields

Eligible applications must have successfully passed validation in order to appear in this window. All application types are displayed including their product name, application ID, date/time of validation, application type and associated fee.

Submissions can also be made from the TBS portal under 'Listed medicines, Create applications and submissions, Submissions'.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the application you wish to submit. The 'Certification/Declaration' will open:
    Screenshot of Certification/declaration message
  2. Read the Certification/Declaration. Select either the 'Agree' or 'Disagree' button.

Note: by clicking on 'Agree', you declare that the information given in the application is correct.

The Certification/Declaration will be different for assessed listed and general listed medicine applications.

  1. Once you have agreed, the selected application will be highlighted. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add subsequent applications to your submission. All selected applications will be submitted in a single submission.

Note: Only one application for assessed listed, assessed composite pack and 9D(1) variation for a general listed medicine can be submitted at a time.

  1. Each of the applications selected for submission will display 'Yes' in the submit column under 'Eligible applications':
    Screenshot of Eligible applications
  2. Select the 'Submit' button in the bottom right hand corner. Successful submission will take the submitter to the 'Notification page'.
    screenshot of Notification message
  3. Select the 'Print invoice' button in the bottom right hand corner to print an invoice for this submission:
    screenshot of Tax invoice
  4. The invoice can also be accessed from TBS portal, in the '$My Finances' window:
    screenshot of $My finances option to view all invoices

Help is available from within the TBS portal and can be accessed by clicking the 'Help' link in the top left corner on each page of the application. This will open help in a new window.


For listed medicine applications and submission enquiries, please email with as much information as possible, such as the application ID and screenshots of any validation messages.

For questions about TBS related issues and access you can contact the TBS helpdesk on


You can phone Complementary medicines on 1800 020 653 or 02 6232 8634.

You can phone the TBS helpdesk on 1800 010 624.

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