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GMP clearance guidance

Version 18.1, January 2019

4 January 2019

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Step 7 - Submitting your complete application and paying fees

Fees and Payments tab

  1. You will be able to view the itemised fee in addition the total amount before you submit your application.

    Screenshot - Fees and Payments tab. The different types of fees are itemised.

    Please note any applicable fees not selected during the submission of your application will be raised during application receipt and will result in delays to processing times.

Declaration tab

  1. You will need to complete the Declaration tab before you can submit your application by ticking the 'Agree' box. You can then proceed to validating and submitting your application.

    Screenshot - Declaration tab. By ticking the Agree tick box, you AGREE with all of the statements above the tick box.

Validating your application

  1. Once you have entered all the required information, you will need to validate your application before submission. Select 'Validate'.

    Screenshot - Validate button. The Validate buttonis the third button under the title 'TGA eBusiness Services Clearance Application

  2. If there are areas of the form that have incomplete or incorrect information, an error message will show you what needs to be rectified (example errors below). You will need to address the validation issue before you can proceed.

    Screenshot - Validation failure - Description: An example list of reasons why a validation fails. The close button is at the bottom.

  3. Once your application has validated, you will receive the message below.

    Screenshot - message from webpage. The message 'Your application has been validated successfully.' Underneath the message is an 'OK' button.

Submitting your application

  1. Once all validation issues are resolved, you are ready to submit the application. Select 'Submit'.

    Screenshot - Submit button. The Submit button is the sixth button under the title 'TGA eBusiness Services Clearance Application'.

Paying your application fee

  1. After submitting your application, the following screen will appear, notifying you of the fees to be charged. Select 'continue' to proceed.

    Screenshot - fee information window. This window details the fees associated with your application. If you wish to continue submitting the application select the 'Continue' button on the right of the 'Cancel' button.

  2. You will receive the following notification of a successful submission:

    Screenshot - successful submission message. Please select the Home button to return to the eBS sponsor portal

  3. The invoice (along with payment instructions) will be emailed to the billing contact. Please direct any queries in relation to invoicing of GMP clearances to

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