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TGA stakeholder survey 2018

20 December 2018

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SME Assist

Businesses in the Medical products industry with fewer than 200 employees were asked about their awareness and experience with the SME assist portal, which contains information and education products for small and medium sized enterprises. Less than half of those within this grouping have heard of SME assist (Figure 68). Awareness appears higher amongst those with 20-199 employees (40%) when compared to smaller organisations with 1-19 employees (24%).

Figure 68: SME assist - awareness (%)
Pie chart - SME assist - awareness: 55% No, 14% Not sure/Maybe, 31% Yes


Just under four in ten (Yes - accessed: 38%; No - not accessed: 62%) of those who have heard of SME assist have accessed the resource. In contrast to overall awareness, the propensity to have accessed the site appears slightly higher amongst those who employ smaller numbers, with 41% of those with 1-19 employees reporting access compared to 36% of larger organisations employing 20-199 employees.

Of those who have used SME assist, a large majority agree that the site is Targeted (Nett agreement 80%) and Useful (78% Nett agreement) (Figure 69). Only 7% disagree that SME assist is targeted while 11% disagree that it is useful. Ratings are similar across employee numbers, with organisations in the 1-19 employees category and those in the 20-199 category showing a high propensity to agree that the site is useful (1-19: 78% Nett agreement; 20-199 77%) and targeted (1-19: 80%; 20-199; 75%).

Figure 69: SME assist - Targeted and Useful (% Agreement)
Bar chart - see Figure 69 in tabular format


Figure 69: SME assist - Targeted and Useful (% Agreement)
Statement Nett disagree Neither Nett agree
Targeted 7 13 80
Useful 11 11 78

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