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TGA business plan 2013-2014

Therapeutic Goods Administration

19 December 2013

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The TGA has identified the following risks as its highest rated.

Risk Risk mitigation strategies
Insufficient capacity to absorb changes across the organisation and maintain effective business operations
  • Closely monitoring progress of TGA Blueprint for reforms
  • Adoption of an appropriate change management framework
  • Workforce plan in place
  • Redevelopment of IT infrastructure and information management systems
  • Communications and education framework and strategies for management of stakeholder expectations
Failure to meet major stakeholders' expectations
  • Implementation of public contact strategy
  • Framework for customer, health professional and industry stakeholder engagement
  • Standard procedures in place to address responses for enquiries and customer service and provision of timely and accurate advice to stakeholders, in accordance with Customer Service Standards
  • Clearer articulation of Regulatory guidelines
  • Development of wider sponsor access to eBusiness
  • Monitoring of international best practice
  • Risk based review and implementation of Audit schedule
  • Risk based review and implementation of Laboratory testing program
Misalignment between law, processes and guidance documents
  • Regular review of processes to ensure alignment with legislation and proper administrative good practice
  • Regular review and update of regulatory guidelines
  • Review of regulatory guidance documents and SOPs
  • Adequate allocation of resources for decision making and training for decision makers
  • Finalise legal elearning modules
  • Information on the TGA website updated and reviewed regularly
  • Use of Business Process Management to align process with legislation
Inability to retain and recruit capable staff
  • Review of learning and development
  • Regular review of the recruitment model in meeting the TGA's business
  • Proactive approaches to making the TGA a good place to work
  • Adoption of an appropriate change management framework
Lack of appropriate preparation for ANZTPA
  • Adequate implementation of agreed projects for which TGA is responsible
  • Contribute to development of options about governance and employment structure
  • Adequate staff consultation and effective communication
  • Adoption of an appropriate change management framework
  • Ensure appropriate expertise is available to the implementation team

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