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TGA consumer survey 2018

20 December 2018

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Receiving information - interest

Interest in receiving a range of information sources was identified in the survey amongst those in contact either Never or Once a year. Around 85% of this group highlighted interest in one or more information area. The most commonly identified areas of interest are Product recalls and Safety information about medicines and medical devices (Figure 48 and Table 76). Information about reporting problems or side effects and general information about the TGA are also in strong demand. The range of other information areas also garnered interest. Most responses to this question highlighted interest in a range of information areas (Average 2.7 selections).

Figure 48: Interest in receiving information from the TGA (N)
Bar chart of Table 76 data

Table 76: Interest in information resources (Nett agree %)

Are you interested in information on any of the following?
Information resource N
Product recalls 431
Safety information about medicines and medical devices 421
Reporting problems or side effects of medicines or medical devices 327
General information about the TGA 318
Information on travelling with medicines and medical devices 247
News and publications 205
Accessing medicines and medical devices 187
Information on consultations 170
Training, workshops or presentations about medicines and medical devices 120
Total selections 2426
Total responses 891

Base: In contact with TGA Never or About once a year

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