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Clinical trial notification (CTN) form - user guide

V1.2, August 2020

21 August 2020

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Paying for your CTN

A fee is incurred for:

  • new CTNs; and
  • certain changes ('variations') to an existing CTN.

Review our clinical trials FAQs to find out which variations to an existing CTN incur a fee.

The current fees for CTNs can be found on the TGA Schedule of fees and charges.

Once you have submitted your CTN, an invoice will be sent via email to the submitter of the CTN and to the billing contact of your organisation as provided to TGA Business Services.

If you have a 'financial role' you will also be able to view and print the invoice from the online portal. See Financial role specific information for more information on the 'financial role'.

We recommend that you wait for the invoice before making payment as this ensures that there are no delays in matching payment.

The TGA provides a range of payment options as outlined at TGA Payment Options.

Payment through the online payment portal is the preferred option.

A screenshot showing the online payment portal

To make a payment of an invoice enter the following information:

Field name Information required
Biller Code Select Biller code '1 - Payment of Invoice' from the drop-down list.
Client Identification Number Enter your Client Identification Number (as shown on your invoice).
Invoice Number Enter your Invoice Number (as shown on your invoice).
Email Address for Tax Receipt Enter an email address for tax receipt.
Amount (AUD) Enter the amount to be paid (this should correspond to the amount on your invoice).
Select your payment option Select your payment option and follow the online prompts.

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