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TGA consumer survey 2018

20 December 2018

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This report provides a summary of findings from the 2018 Therapeutic Goods Administration Consumer survey.

The 2018 consumer survey was conducted amongst Australians aged 18 and over in June and July 2018. The survey employed a sampling methodology that included a structured Panel based sample as well as rolling (Opt-in) network based sampling. The survey was run in conjunction with the TGA stakeholder survey, which sampled industry, health professionals, media and peak body stakeholders.

The Panel sample, accessed through the Qualtrics consumer panel, was designed to be broadly representative of the Australian population across, age, gender and geographic location and targeted a minimum sample size of N=1,000 Australians aged 18 and over. The Opt-in sample was sourced via distribution of links to the survey amongst known stakeholders, their networks and members of the community who have previously engaged with the TGA.

The employment of two distinct sampling methodologies is likely to have resulted in groups with very different levels of knowledge, experience and attitudes towards the TGA. The Opt-in sample, sourced through known networks, organisations and people with existing connections to the TGA, is expected to include individuals with more direct experience and understanding of the TGA, its role and focus. In contrast, the population based sample is likely to reflect the population more broadly, with more varied understanding and levels of experience of the TGA.

The survey was conducted using an online survey methodology. A survey of approximately 6-8 minutes in length was developed by the TGA in conjunction with the Market Research Unit in the Department of Health.

Overall, the survey received 1,729 responses across the two sampling frameworks. A total of 1,045 responses were received via the population based (Panel) sample, with the remaining 684 responses received through the rolling Opt-in sampling methodology (Figure 1).

Analysis in this report includes overall reporting of key results as well as breakdowns across a number of key characteristics. As is evident in the reporting, key differences between the two sampling frameworks necessitated reporting that provides separate breakdowns across key characteristics within each of the broad samples (Population/Panel and Opt-in).

Figure 1: TGA Consumer survey 2018 - Sampling Methodology
sampling methodology - see text version below

Opt-in sample: 20/06/18 - 13/07/18; Opt-in survey sourced through TGA networks and known consumer stakeholders; Final sample N=684.

Population (Panel) sample: 22/06/18 - 26/06/18; Online panel sample broadly representative of the Australian adult populaton; final sample N=1,045.

Analysis: Analysis includes breakdowns across sample sources as well as age, gender and location variables.

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